Introducer Broker at Bandung

T i g o r  S i l a l a h i

Phone  :  + 6 2 8 9 9 9 9 7 7 7 1 4

Bank :

BCA  :  1830627576

BRI  :  406501011156537

CIMB Niaga  :  761822907600

a/n.  T i g o r  S i l a l a h i

Tahap Deposit :

  1. Deposit minimal $1
  2. Isi Formulir
  3. Nama pengirim deposit  harus sama dengan nama pemilik akun trading
  4. Lakukan transfer ke rekening bank yang tercantum
  5. Konfirmasi dengan pesan “DEPOSIT NO AKUN” contoh “DEPOSIT 12345” ke nomor + 6 2 8 9 9 9 9 7 7 7 1 4
  6. Order akan segera diproses

Rules :

  1. By making a transfer, meaning you have to agree to the rules that you will not make a deposit on your trading account using another method.
    This rule is to simplify your withdrawl process later and also to prevent money laundering practices
  2. You also have to agree to the rules if later you experience rejection in the withdrawl process, then you will deal directly with the support of SuperForex center (live chat or support email)
    We are only a Broker Intoducer that helps you, not solving tone problems
  3. Usually withdrawl problems occur because of problems calculating the number of lots that must be fulfilled when you take BONUS DEPOSIT or NO DEPOSIT BONUS
    Therefore please read carefully the rules and conditions when you take all kinds of BONUS at SuperForex